From ideation to implementation.


Our  game design company doesn’t just develop games. We create stories behind them. Unique concepts, juicy animations, bright characters and detailed environments define our projects and make them stand out.

Alpha Innovation Studios is a start up game development studio looking to change the way people game.

We’re thoroughly passionate about game design and game development. A good game developer is one that looks beyond the high scores and shiny graphics and understands the importance of balance, game mechanics and user psychology.

We build games for mobile devices, educational institutions, advertising campaigns and also for pure fun. Clients choose to build games for the amazing engagement they provide players and the unique experiential way they can communicate a message.

We craft unique games that challenge and engage.

Our Services

Our games development team consists of gaming enthusiasts who work wholeheartedly to meet your expectations.

  • Game concept & design
  • Game artwork illustration
  • Game 3D modelling
  • Game Programming
  • Game testing and quality assurance

Want to get in the game?

If you’re looking to tap in to the power of gamification for your organisation then we’re here to help. We can build a program designed to specifically target your goals, or work with our extensive library of game and learning activities to engage your audience.